City tour.
Time: about 3 hours

A walk around the Old Town in Wrocław is the most popular and the best way of getting to know the city. During this city tour you will see all the important places of the Old Town. You will also visit the Cathedral Island, the Centennial Hall and the District of 4 Confessions. While sightseeing you will stop next to every single monument. It is possible to visit Aula Leopoldina, see the Cathedral Viewpoint etc. You will also have a closer look at the Centennial Hall. Wroclaw is full of dwarves. They hide among the streets and narrow alleys, eluding the sight of passer-bys. Wrocław tour guides will show you the most beautiful nooks of the city and tell the most interesting stories about Wrocław. The coffee break is included, if you need one.


Wroclaw by night. Cruise on the Oder river.

Time: about 4 hours

What is the best way to take in "Venice of Poland?" That's a no-brainer: From the water! Explore the charm and beauty of Wroclaw via many canals that cut through this gorgeous city. A boat cruise on the Oder River makes for an unforgettable experience. During this trip we will organize a dinner on board so that you can enjoy the taste of Polish dishes, as well as the view of the beautifully illuminated city.


The Museum of Industry and Railway, Jaworzyna and Topacz Motorization Museum (lunch included).

Time: about 3 hours
Prepare yourself for an extraordinary journey to the times when vehicles had an individual and unique character. We will try to take you back in time to the beginnings of Polish motorization, to the pioneer constructions of 1930s such as the legendary Sokół 1000 & 600 or Fiat 508. For splendour lovers we offer a collection of Bentley & Rolls Royce cars – this collection is located in the museum in Castle Topacz.
It is worth to spend at least 2-3 hours on a visit to the Museum of Industry and Railway in Jaworzyna Śląska, because it is one of the necessary points on the map of every railway fan. This place offers undoubtedly the largest collection of historic locomotives and wagons in the Lower Silesia. The exhibition of the museum includes more than 50 locomotives (including models from Poland, Germany, Austria, as well as England and the USA), about 50 wagons and many other exhibits related to railway. The advantage of the tour is being in direct contact with the collected artefacts. You can go inside of some locomotives and wagons to see their interior. There is also a historic fan-shaped roundhouse, as well as the exhibition of historical motorcycles.



Technical tours and visits will be announced.



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